Specialized English is a commercial variation on VOA Special English.

Specialized English starts with VOA and then adds these words or meanings.

VOA Special English does not use these words.

address adultery alliance arrow authority bar [add: a long tool] behave behavior bend bless blessing bow (+arrow), bow (bend forward) breath [both have breathe] bull [both have male+cow] camel cassette chapter column conscience corner courage [both have brave] cross [add: "+" shape] crown curtain [both have window+cover] death [both have dead] deserve devote divorce donkey envy faith fax fever gate heart [on VOA science list] image internet joy [both have happy] key king lamb [both have young+sheep] lock lord lot manage master messenger [both have message] miracle origin particular [adds meaning: specific one] persuade prayer [both have pray] promise railway [VOA has railroad] remains [adds meaning: parts left] rent respect royal shame step [both have step=walk, add: part of stairs] snake sword table tent those [both have these] translate truth [both have true] verse virgin wine wing winter

VOA Special English has these words that are not carried into Specialized English

administration agriculture air force album anarchy artillery astronaut asylum automobile baby ballot boycott budget campaign capitalism careful ceasefire chairman children [both have child] civilian civil rights clergy coalition committee condition Congress conservative convention curfew customs (taxes) [both have custom] dam deficit delegate (representative) diplomat extremist [both have extreme] federal former guarantee guerrilla headquarters hijack legislature manufacture media movie oust parachute past perfect postpone profession propaganda publication railroad [Spz Engl has railway] realistic repress Senate submarine subversion supervise surrender swear in telescope transportation treason treatment troops truce veto wonderful

New Technology since the 1940s.

astronaut VOA
cassett SpzE
computer both
fax SpzE
helicopter both
internet SpzE
nuclear both
television       both